Fear, Freedom and Being You

This is when it gets personal. I am sure some of you who have read this blog for the past few weeks have thought something along the lines of “Yeah, yeah, that’s nice and all but it doesn’t mean anything to me.” Perhaps it doesn’t but maybe it means more than you think.

Can I borrow your brain for a couple of minutes? Let’s see what all this stuff about passion and navel gazing and administration might mean to you. Here are some really simple questions to think about:

1) Are you happy and fulfilled where you are?
If you are, great! If not, why not? Is it just that you expected life to be easier than it is or is it that you feel like your work isn’t amounting to much that will last? Do you recognise that “hollow feeling” I talked about two weeks ago that tells us that something, somewhere is seriously off-beam?

2) What do you focus on the most?
This, I admit, is a nastier question. If you had the time to keep a diary of your recurrent thoughts, what would they be and what would they be about? Do you spend your day concentrating on paying bills, filling forms and adjusting procedures or do you keep your mind focused on a vision, a dream, a goal?

3) What is driving your decision making?
Are you money-focused, God-focused, people-focused, promotion-focused, future-focused? Do you always do what is best for you or what is best for others? If you were to draw a map of the route your decisions were taking you, where would it eventually lead? What is the price of the decisions you are making right now? Is it worth it for what you might gain?

4) When was the last time you were aware of being passionate about something?

5) If you had to sum up your life in one short sentence, what would it say?

These are all good questions but questions that will mean very little unless you really think about them. The truth is that we often spend more time aligning our cars than aligning our lives. We declutter our houses more often than we declutter our lives. Surely that is wrong.

For what is left of this week, why don’t you spend a little time each day thinking, even praying about where your life is headed and where it should be heading. Next week, we will look at making the tough decisions that you might need to make.


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