Goodbye CVCC

Today was our last Sunday in Clyde Valley Community Church or CVCC, as its members call it. For the past 2 years or so, Helen and I have gone through some tough times and for the past eighteen months of that, we have had the privilege of being helped and comforted and supported by the members and leaders of CVCC.

The church isn’t just a community in name. When we had no money for food, CVCC supported us. When we needed prayer the people of CVCC were there. When we needed to be inspired or encouraged or even corrected, Fraser and the teaching team offered enough Scriptural truths to set the whole church on the right track.

Sadly for us, we didn’t jump into the church wholeheartedly from the beginning. We stood back just in case we moved to Edinburgh too early on. I can’t speak for Helen but I know that my own decision was based partly on what seemed like logic (“why build relationships that will be lost so soon?”) and partly on my own pride. Truthfully, I got a bit too concerned with if and how the church might want to use “my gifts” and not concerned enough with how God might want me to serve His church.

Thankfully, once we made the decision to settle in, it wasn’t that hard. People really did welcome us into their hearts and into their home groups. From Marsella’s gentle wisdom to Raymond’s cheeky humour to the way that Kirsty always stayed down to earth, life would never be boring. The CVCC music team kept on demonstrating what excellence looks like and Michelle helped me see how inspiring drama could be.

If my time in Victory in Life/COC Wishaw/Gateway was all about growing up and learning that God had put potential in my life, CVCC was all about learning God’s faithfulness and understanding the nature of servanthood. In fact, you could sum up what God taught me in today’s sermon from Fraser: – God is faithful and He asks us to trust Him with what He gives us.

This is a lesson I am glad to have learned, even if it does seem to have come by getting it wrong a lot first! God has never let us down and has always provided for us. Some of that provision has come through the gifts and time and hugs we received from the people in CVCC and for that we are both very grateful.

I came to CVCC so hurt in some areas that I didn’t even know I was hurt. Throughout my time there, I feel like I have been in receiving mode. Thank you to everyone in CVCC for sticking with us and supporting us in a multitude of ways. May God bless you for your giving. The seeds you have sown will reap a harvest.

Jesus said that it is more blessed to give than to receive. Truly, if you are a member of CVCC, you are very blessed. If you are on the edges of CVCC wondering whether to join a house group or offer your time, don’t make our mistake. Jump in now and watch God to miracles.


One thought on “Goodbye CVCC

  1. Jonathan, that is beautifully written, and very much appreciated. Thanks so much for being a part of our church family and I’m sure we’ll see you (all three of you!) again…

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