The God Who Never Leaves

The God Who Never Leaves

Few people doubt that I exist. My clients see my work and don’t question whether it was prepared by chance or by an intelligent mind. When I show up at university, I never have to interrupt debates on my existence. At home, I have not once had my wife doubt that when she is talking to me, she is talking to a real person.

Yet thing aren’t quite as simple for God. You see, despite his constant reminders in the Bible that He is with us (Genesis 26: 3; Joshua 1:5; Matthew 28: 20; Hebrews 13: 5 etc etc), even good, church-going Christians find it hard to believe sometimes. Where is God when money is tight? The answer: He is there with us. Where is God when our children are sick? The answer is: He is right there with you. Where is God when someone hurts you or cheats you or betrays you? Guess what: He is there with you.

This doesn’t guarantee that the entirety of life will be a bed of roses. The book of John opens with a declaration that Jesus is God in human form, God with us, the Word made flesh (John 1: 14), yet at the end of the book, we find this same Word Made Flesh forgiving someone who had betrayed Him in His hour of need. Even He was betrayed.

On the other hand, there is no doubting that knowing that God is with us does make a spectacular difference. Who else could have fed five thousand men and their wives and children from five loaves and two fish and make sure that the leftovers were greater than the amount He started with (see Matthew 14: 15-21)? Who else could heal someone without even going near them (see Luke 7: 1-9)?

Yep, life with God nearby takes on an entirely different quality. Suddenly, there is power to heal, faith to calm fear and more than we could ever need. Suddenly, jugs of water to wash your hands become vessels of the finest wine ever tasted (John 2:1-11). Suddenly, a stay in a dank prison becomes an opportunity for hope (Acts 16: 22-40).

With God, it isn’t that the storms don’t come; it’s that you go into them with the Great Storm Calmer in your boat. Since God is with you, you can be sure that what He said about you will come true. You know that His Word is not only an account of a wonderful history but a picture of a promise-filled present.

Isn’t it time you met this God?


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