Being Who You Are

It’s almost twenty past eight, there’s music on the laptop and Helen is dancing with Joshua. She’s talking once again about jumping into music and me? I’m writing. Inspired, re-fired, ready to spring to life again. While she’s mega-excited about singing, I am getting ideas at a hundred miles an hour. I’m alive again.

One whiff of great, Christian music and my fingers fly across the keyboard like Concorde skimming a river bed. Faster than the speed of sound, louder than the distractions around. It’s the dance I was born to dance.

What’s the key? What’s going on inside of me? While Joshua kicks around and Helen talks style and technique, why I am I thinking of sermons and blog posts and research and …?

It all boils down to this: given the right environment, given the right mix of inspiration, Holy Spirit, and purpose, ordinary life becomes the raw materials for something special. The same pit that turns some to drink and drugs bakes others into world leaders, giant killers and generation changers. Every Daniel has stared lions in the face but has seen the freedom on the other side. Every David has found that Adullam, when passed through with God, is the very place to find the next generation of committed, self-denying, army-chasing leaders.

Yes, life hurts some times but victory often feels like defeat until you look back. Yes, the daily grind can grind but it’s up to you what it grinds you into. Will it grind your trials into diamonds or will it grind you down?

It rarely seems like a choice: reactions seem natural in the moment. Sin seems normal, even excusable in the right circumstances. A little lie here, a little procrastination there and we all forget about it. The darkness almost seems appealing and comforting deceit is easier to find that hard, reliable, rock-like truth.

But still, there are those moments: moments of inspiration, moments of life, moments when that gift that you had forgotten comes to life again, moments when it all seems like somehow, it all works. It really does all work.

This is one of those moments: an unexpected, raw, unrefined, unexplainable moments of sudden inspiration. A blocked-up nose means nothing now. Pending housework doesn’t bother me and a sleep-less night? Not a worry!

It’s all because of this: today, this moment, I have found what it means to be inspired my way, allowed and open to hear from God the way I find it easiest to hear from Him.

You know what? I might not be able to sing but I get inspired by music. I might not lead a church but preaching lights me up. I might be a nerd but there’s something about watching people being released into who God has called them to be that makes me realise that I can be there too.

Get the fire back but let it be the fire God has given you! Real life is not just your battleground; it’s your canvas, your block of stone ready to be sculpted, the sports-field on which God wants to help you win, the song you will sing to praise God, the dance God wants to share with you. Every twist and spin, every dip and turn, every jump and goal, every brushstroke and every knock: He’s there.

God’s not on your back; He’s on your side. He’s calling you, waiting for you. He knows you better than you know yourself and He loves you. So go on, be yourself. Find your inspiration and turn it into whatever means God has given you to tell His story in your words, your colours, your steps.


3 thoughts on “Being Who You Are

  1. Hi Jonathan

    I read this verse today in Isiah chapter 9 v 5

    Every warrior’s boot used in battle
    and every garment rolled in blood
    will be destined for burning,
    will be fuel for the fire.

    and i thought my ‘boots’ which I wore and helped me walk through all those battles will become the fire in me to build my new day! And then later I read your blogg!

    wow and thanks


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