The Real Crisis We Should Care About

The majority of the people reading this will be living in relative luxury. Few of those who have the means to access the internet are struggling each day for heat, light or food. If you have a decent speed broadband connection, you are unlikely to be running from war, abuse or slavery.

Yet as you are reading this, thousands, even millions of people are in precisely those situations. In the time it has taken you to read this, children have been captured or swayed into sex slavery by people whose only concern is cash and whose foul work serves the rising hunger in the “rich west” for sexual gratification via pornography, prostitution and even paedophilia.

So, what do we do? Do we sit idly on the sidelines and pretend none of this matters? Do we read this post and get straight back to building our own little cash-lined kingdoms? Do we turn around and protest when someone dares even touch our mini-empires while young people the same age as our own nephews, nieces, cousins, sons and daughters are violated?

Maybe if we lifted our eyes from the “financial crisis” we would find it in our hearts (and our wallets) to give something to those who are truly oppressed.

The Bible is clear, we can do all the miracles we want, even raise the dead but if we have not been moved with compassion to set the oppressed free, clothe the naked and house the homeless, Jesus will say those awful words “depart from me, I never knew you.”

If we really know Jesus, we will be moved with compassion as He was. Today, I would like to ask you to turn this into something concrete. One Christian organisation: the A21 Campaign is doing all they can to fight human trafficking and its associated evils in society. That link sends you to their list of 21 Ways to Help page.

Come on. We call ourselves believers, but are we really going to act like it or not?


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