Euphemisms for “My Data are Rubbish”

  1. It’s a descriptive analysis.
  2. It’s just an exploratory study.
  3. It fails to confirm my initial hypothesis.
  4. I’m using a deconstructivist approach (*ducks*).
  5. My case lies outside the bounds of established theory (… way outside the bounds).
  6. Statistics/Replicability/Rigour/Testing is/are irrelevant for this kind of data.
  7. The relationship between this study and previous work on similar questions will be explored in later research.
  8. It’s unique.
  9. At this point, the wider applicability of these data to the field remain to be resolved.
  10. It’s a purely theoretical case.
  11. Causal relations remain to be established.
  12. Of course, there are other perspectives that may be used to understand these data.
  13. This data is purely suggestive.
  14. Field work may show different outcomes to lab-based work in this case.
  15. The greatest achievement of this study was that it passed ethical review.

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