Waking Earlier will not make you a hero

Anyone who has been on Twitter or LinkedIn for more than five minutes has seen the posts:

What all successful people do before 6am!

Why morning people are more successful!

I shifted my morning routine by three hours and look what happened!

They all paint a picture of a world of health, beauty and business success that could be yours if you would just wake up earlier. Never mind the other posts where people boast about working long hours and how much better that makes them.

But the truth is, it’s all nonsense and dangerous nonsense at that. The actual science is clear. Working long, weird hours is awful for your health, you are better off figuring out your natural body rhythm and working to that. So feel free to ignore anything and anyone touting the “benefits” of waking early and working long. Work in a way that works for your body.

Oh and what about those “studies of successful people and what they have in common.” I am just a mere interpreting researcher but in the social sciences, we call that “selection bias.” Without a control group of “normal” people, it is impossible to know which traits caused success and which are results of it. By only studying “successful people” (can we get a definition of that too, please?), you also miss out all those who did what they were told would bring success and ended up with higher rates of heart disease and mental illness due to working in an unsuitable circadian rhythms.

The next time someone shares a clickbait post or long/early working hours boast in front of you, please use the most powerful tool you have to save your own sanity: the “hide post” button. You are way too successful and important to worry about that stuff.



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