The Problem with Metaphors

Translation is a dance. Interpreters are ninjas. Translators build bridges. Interpreting creates conduits. Whenever we try to describe the power of translation and interpreting, we instinctively reach for metaphors. In fact, even the etymologies of the English words are metaphors: translation as carrying over, interpreting as standing between. But there are two fundamental problems with … More The Problem with Metaphors

Translation theory without literary translation?

“Alternative histories” are growing in popularity. People love to imagine what might have happened if big historical moments had gone a different way. Here is one that might seem to be rather strange but actually says a lot: imagine if translation theory had never been led by literary translation. Where have translation theories come from? … More Translation theory without literary translation?

Being the Best

So, it is now about a week since I found out that I have been elected to the ITI Board for a second term. Before I go any further, I would like to say that I would have been happy with either result. Valeria Aliperta is a true professional who has really contributed to the … More Being the Best

Freelancing Rocks (But it won’t give you a job title)

I’m Jonathan and I am a translator. No scrub that, I am an interpreter. No, forget that, I am a researcher. Hmm, maybe I am really a preacher. Or maybe I am really a language services provider. Or maybe a proofreader or a blogger or a company director or… Anyone else recognise that feeling? It … More Freelancing Rocks (But it won’t give you a job title)

Translations are Meant to Work: the World of Skopos Theory

In the world of commercial translation, noone ever translates for the sake of it. We translate because someone out there has decided that they want a document in a certain language for a certain purpose. If we want them to hire us again, we’d better make sure that our work fulfils the purpose they had for it in the first place. … More Translations are Meant to Work: the World of Skopos Theory